TEQ #4: Voice and Choice for all Learners – Casey Korder

Voice and Choice for all Learners is what I consider to be modern education at its finest. A world of endless possibilities free from the political ambitions of those who think they know what Education needs. I agree with Christopher Margolin that we need to adjust eduction in order to “engage body and brain’ and move away from teaching like it’s the 20th century”. We need to work with our learners and to also learn from them. We need to give learners opportunities and pathways to be successful on their own terms.

Modern education is allowing for learners to make mistakes and understand that learning is not a linear process, but it’s a messy and engaging journey. Rote memorization and archaic textbooks where a teachers reads verbatim from the daily lesson plan isn’t modern education at all. Modern education is a shift in mindset and it’s going to come from taking risks.

As educators we can’t wait for policy to change we need to take an initiative in order to help all our learners be successful now. We need to work together and allow our learners to have a seat at the table when it comes to forging the learning environment which works best. Our leaders need to trust us to do what’s right for our student population and to adapt to the changes in the world. Modern education isn’t a top down bureaucratic approach but a systematic collaborative process where we must meet our learners needs.

Modern education is design thinking, hands on, project based learning, collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. It’s utilizing the resources at our disposal and using them to forge ahead in order to redefine the learning environment. We need to allow for our learners to be prepared for anything in the future. The world is rapidly changing and the challenges our learners will face as adults are unfathomable to us. As educators we need to be aware of our learners and to adjust to their needs and to advocate for equity in education in order to make sure we are meeting the needs of the diverse population we encounter.

Modern education isn’t a cookie cutter one size fits all approach. Modern education isn’t being wholly measured on a standardized test which only measure one point in time. Modern education is exciting, enjoyable, and challenging. In order to explore and expand as educators we must build relationships with our learners in order meet their needs and to fully enrich the learning environment. Stagnation is no longer an option in the modern educational journey. Change takes time and patience, but we owe it to our learners to keep advocating for a metamorphosis to occur in the educational landscape.

Modern education is about taking risks because we owe it to our learners to do so. As educators we need to take an active role in advocating for voice and choice in education. We should want to encourage learners that they can create, transform, and lead within their own school and beyond. That they can influence the direction of their schools climate and culture in a positive way. Modern education is about inspiring, empowering, and encouraging learners to to do great things in life.


Casey Korder is a 5th eductor at Lomie G Heard A Marzano Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has experienced 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade in the Clark County School District for the past 12 years. When he’s not educating and learning from his learners he is helping raise his two year old daughter Reylyn with his wife who’s also a 5th grade eductor. He is also a educational consultant for blnqr.com and an avid Ukulele player.


  1. Zee

    Totally agree.

    Only, math can not be delivered that way. It can, but will be effective after Gr9 for just few.
    For math we need to reason with our learners that a bit of endless repetition is needed. 🙂

    Thank you for letting me post.
    Socrates Tutoring


    1. Cjkorder


      I agree to a certain degree that automaticity and math facts are necessary; but, I think math fluency and number sense are imperative to being successful at mathematics. Call me naive, if you wish, but memorization and speed doesn’t build conceptual understanding of mathematics or sense building even at the elementary level.


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