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Hello Stakeholders –

We are here to help define Education in the Modern Era, but we cannot do it without your perspective. We need your voice, your vision, your in-the-moment expertise.

But this is not only about the educators. We want to hear from the parents, the community members, the stakeholders, decision makers, artists, authors, musicians, acrobats, and rocket scientists!

And, hey, if you’re a student of anything in the pre-k through post-whatever-world, YAWP from the rooftops, and tell us what education actually means in today’s world.

The Education Question is seeking 500-1000 word essays on Education in the Modern Era. This is purposefully broad, and we are wanting to hear from each and every stakeholder who has ever thought about the current state of the educational landscape.

I’m hoping you will want to lend your voice, thoughts, and expertise on Education in the Modern Era.

If you are interested, please submit via the contact form below, and provide a Google Drive link to your file.